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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fiddler on the Roof - with Topol - go see it!!

I think I enjoyed this musical with Topol playing Tevye more than any in recent memory! As soon as he took the stage, the audience cheered - even though probably many if not most of them were not alive or were babies when he first played the part in London in 1967 or made the movie in 1971. The first sound of his voice transported me back to teenage years listening to the album, which was a favorite of mine, as well as the movie.

There is no denying he's an older man now, although his voice has not changed too significantly and while he was a young man (35) when he did the movie playing a man probably a bit older, he is now 73 and has done the role over 2500 times. But no way did he look 73 up on stage singing and dancing.... made me feel like I'm the old one :)

This is his farewell tour - ending this summer - if he's in your city - GO SEE HIM! I say go see "him", because although I love Fiddler on the Roof anyway, he is the only real standout, but the other cast was good and did a wonderful supporting role to this wonderful actor. The standing ovation at the end was awesome.

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