"Everyone knows the more you wear pearls, little by little they become real....And isn't it the same with memories?" - The Madwoman of Chaillot

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Life at the Lake

Ok, its not quite a perfect life - my arm is STILL hurting me from when I broke it - muscle spasms in my back and soreness in the muscles in the upper arm as I try to regain strength. Talked to my brother about it since he broke his arm many years ago (in his 20's) in the same place. Not helpful to hear that he doesn't remember it hurting, only that darn old Dad wouldn't let him go waterskiing until it was completely healed. And when your dad is a radiologist he can just go take another xray to prove its not quite there.... Was it just that much easier (less painful) to heal at that age or does memory fade? I hope its both.... gives me an excuse and I really want this memory to fade.

It doesn't always hurt though and we've had a beautiful time at the lake. Nothing to DO so that's easy at least. I do my exercises for the arm, go for long walks with the dog, read, practice photography, go out to eat every night, and just relax. Do I want to go home? Not so much.

Long walks - we found some paths through the woods that went for miles.

Watched Notre Dame beat Purdue in a last minute win....

One morning it looked like bad weather - windy and clouds coming up with the wind bringing moisture right up over the water.

But in an hour or so it was back to gorgeous - the only rain came at night.

But all good things have to end and we will go back either Monday night or Tuesday.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just a Perfect Day

Woke to a foggy morning sunrise, with the maybe 15% of leaves that have changed to fall colors brightly catching the warm rays of the sun through the bluish fog.  Out on the docks a heron surveyed its domain until I got too close...

Time to walk the dog - up the small hill behind the condo where I took a lot of pictures for a previous post this summer. Everything is quieter now - Riley did not run out to greet Gandalf, no other dogs barked at our passing by, few cars around to tell us others were up here enjoying the first days of fall

I went to do the dirty laundry we brought along - up here its almost fun to do.  Walking back from the laundry I saw the one other car in sight at our condo building drive by. I waved but I'm not sure who they are, so many people have changed, but I remember well who used to own that condo for many years.  As they drove by I realized that in my mind they were seeing me as the young person I was when I spent the whole summer up here, I could imagine I was walking back from the mailboxes where I checked several times a day for letters from friends - there were no cell phones, or blogs, and no email or texting to keep in touch. I realized that sometimes up here I still feel like I could be that young person so I will put off the promised thoughts on being 59 years old for another, less perfect day.

The sunshine is absolute, no clouds, clean slightly crisp air, bright blue sky, just a slight breeze and a touch of fall colors - a day suspended between very warm, busy summer and fall's glorious color and chill which will move us towards winter. So few people are around now it seems like the day is all mine. Except that I shared it with you.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pelican Lake, here we come

One more week at the lake this summer! Thank you 3M for forcing Bill to reduce his banked vacation and actually take time off! Just did my physical therapy, packed us and the dog and we're off :)
Hopefully some pictures will be showing up here soon! Maybe some reflections on turning 59 on last Sunday and being married 36 years as of today....

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