"Everyone knows the more you wear pearls, little by little they become real....And isn't it the same with memories?" - The Madwoman of Chaillot

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Christmas Past

My little girls - I was telling my cousin about this Christmas picture from Christmas (long) Past and had it up on my computer screen and it made me marvel at how much time has gone by and how those little girls have grown up and become such interesting people. So wanted to share their latest news...

On the right is Katie who will be a doctor in a mere 8 1/2 months. Just yesterday (it seems) at her "white coat ceremony" near the beginning of medical school they were told that they were already 1% a doctor - and now that is more like 85%! She's planning a residency in Urology - surgery was something she didn't even consider at first but I think its a perfect match for her being able to do surgery and medically manage her patients. Its because she works so hard and is so dedicated that she is able to pursue this. I'm amazed, in awe and I suppose a little jealous....

Left side is Colleen who after working with me for 5 years, decided she needed a little more excitement and a lot more challenge and got a job teaching English in a girl's middle school in Yeongcheon City, South Korea.  She left in August and has just started at the school this week.  Wow, I'm amazed, I'm curious about every detail and I'm a little jealous too.... 

In the middle is little Christina who now (as she puts it) "can get into every studio in LA" - but only as far as the reception desk usually... She works for a company that makes promos for TV, movies and video games and ends up doing a lot of deliveries and pick-ups at studios. She finagled her way into the 4th floor outside pool at the Marriott right above the Sony Theater during the Emmy Red Carpet scene so she could watch all the stars arrive and take pictures...  I find what she is into exciting with lots of promise for the future and maybe she'll even attend the Emmy's one day - and pick up an award! She's young, talented, ambitious and in a fun field - jealous of the energy and the determination to make it "in the industry".

Recently I've seen a few posts on Facebook from young moms about their little ones going off to school, or laments about how few years before they will leave for college. Certainly there are days I'd go back to the beach with my three little girls (2nd grade, 1st grade and preschool in this picture) but I'm very happy with who they have turned out to be. I hear from each of them if not every day, every 2-3 days and I treasure that! At the same time, Bill and I do enjoy time to ourselves for awhile - its almost like our early married life, if only we were still in our 20's.... but its time for our girls to be in that part of life and for us to do a lot of watching and feeling proud. 

Chris 22, Katie 26 and Colleen 25

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kindergarten all over again (for Mom)

Colleen left yesterday for Korea - her plane left here at 7AM - by the time she got to Korea it was about 1AM here today. We didn't hear anything from her which should mean that nothing went wrong.... but still its a little bit like waiting for your kindergartner or 1st grader to come home from that first day of school - waiting to hear how it all went and what they were feelling. Sure, she's 26 and has left home for other countries before but somehow this is even more "foreign" and not quite such a sheltered environment as living in a family in Germany during high school.  

I guess the difference from Kindergarten is that she won't be home for 365 days....

Really empty nest though - two are 2000 miles away in Los Angeles and now Colleen is about 6000-8000 frequent flyer miles away.... we're planning to go visit her in a few months!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

younger me

Stting an my desk today, I noticed my husband lounging in bed (about to take a nap). Much younger me (even including 50 year old me) pictured jumping up, running over and leaping on the bed. In reality, 60 year old me thought about it, rose slowly, limped slightly to the bed, and eased myself on it, hoping he would not make any sudden moves that would make my back spasm.... really don't need those memories of younger me sometimes...  I remember my mom (at about age 60) suddenly seeming like an "old woman" in how she walked and acted and I hated it, thinking she just was acting that way on purpose. What it was, I realize, is that I did not want her to be old and I hated the reminder. She must have too.... so mom, if you can somehow see this, sorry for those thoughts!