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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Down East Doll Show Trip day 2

First stop Starbucks for coffee and oatmeal - it was a gorgeous Starbucks near a mall - huge selection of foods and lots of nice seating.

Even has "evening food"

On the road in Chicago - traffic is not bad at 7:30 AM on Saturday.

Windmill farm - over 10 mile stretch in central Indiana - they went left and right about as far as you could see with a slightly hazy sky and continued on both sides of  the road for about 10 miles.

Changing terrain in Indiana - we stopped for gas and got a kick out of this sign - telling us it was the best camping spot in Indiana, which consisted of campers parked very tightly around a very small lake.

Opted for a little hot dog place in Fairland, IN for lunch - Frosty Dog was rated highly on Yelp believe it or not - for their good Nathan's hot dogs, and homemade chili and cole slaw. This was a seriously small town and located pretty much in corn fields. This was also a Yelp find - evidently they are renowned for their good food enough to get a good rating on Yelp... :)

On to Cincinnati - Mainville OH actually and then see if we can figure how to dress like hipsters for Drew's Hipster Grad party - or just go as we are - aging nerdy geeks in our Star Wars tshirts...

The dessert table

Great weather for the party - lots of people and food, nice evening. Glad we got to see all the family.

and kids

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