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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saturday - Paris by Strava (biking app) - long but mostly pictures

Arrival in Paris was about 8:30 AM and we took a regional train and metro to rue Blanche and our apartment.

After getting settled in our apartment and resting a few minutes to make sure wifi worked

Walking out of our apartment we were greeted with this truck with its ladder on our roof. Did not find out what had happened.

So, off to walk the 2.5-3 miles to our bike ride.
In the distance is Trinite Church.

This was the view from the restaurant where we ate lunch - La Rotonde Trinite


Salad Nordique

Lapin confit

The opera

Boats on the Seine


By the Louvre

The bike ride

Near Victor Hugo's house

Along the Seine with Notre Dame in the background

Not sure what we were doing but the series of photos was interesting

Very old Parisian Street

We had a half hour stop for lunch and decided on this place and to have beer and some appetizers. The waiter assured us it was quick and we would have plenty of time. But he still gave us a disgusted look when we asked for the check right away so we could hurry out....

The Louvre on the bike tour

Olivier our very good your guide!

Le Chatelet

And the end of the bike tour - we all got different mileage on Strava because we all had paused at various times and forgotten for some distance to turn it back on on our iPhones. But it was a little over 8.1 miles...if you are curious to see the map of the tour - look here. http://tinyurl.com/cgg24fc
A few interesting things on the way home - there are lots of these little electric cars but this one is a rental car that guides you on a narrated tour.

I imagine this guy was hoping for donations like a street performer? He would stop for photos, wait awhile and move on.

Ok, this feels long - you should have felt how it was for us - after not sleeping much the night before... We ate down dessert in the Île de la Cité area.

French Coffee

Tort Tatin - pretty sure it's peach and very good

Tort au citron - lemon meringue

Of course Bill (and Kevin) had mousse au chocolat

We decided to walk to a bus stop and take the bus most of the way back to near our apartment and got to bed fairly early.
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