"Everyone knows the more you wear pearls, little by little they become real....And isn't it the same with memories?" - The Madwoman of Chaillot

Monday, July 27, 2015

Day 3 Planning

Sept 18
Early breakfast and meet BikeAbout Tours at the Charlemagne statue outside Notre Dame at 8:45 AM

Go with tour by train to Versailles and do easy bike ride of grounds, see buildings, ride to Marie Antoinette's village and have picnic lunch with supplies bought at the local farmer's market.
 Train back by 5 PM. 


Evening depends on what everyone feels like doing. (maybe sleep)
Otherwise, walk along Seine, see Eiffel Tour at night, etc

Or a fancy meal? Probably need reservations, if we can get them. Le Reminet

or not quite as romantic and quaint - Le Bistro du Perigord
71 Rue St Jacques

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