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Monday, January 19, 2009

Just breathe....and take vacation

Wow, finally caught up. We ran a huge sale in my store - The Preemie Store and ended up shipping more in about 10 days than we normally do in a month. It was just crazy around here with baby clothes piled up waiting to be packed and shipped on every flat surface. But its all done now.  New inventory is coming in and getting put away. Finally found time to update my blog for our recent trip to San Francisco and Lake Tahoe.

Its going to be a different kind of year. Due to the economy, 3M has told its employees they cannot bank vacation anymore. Somehow this saves money and jobs..... Bill used to have 10 weeks (the maximum allowed) of vacation "saved up" at all times, in fact he would lose vacation some months because he earned more than he used.  With the new rules,  he has to use (or lose) 5 weeks of that banked vacation this year in addition to his regular 5 weeks. Same thing next year until he's down to no banked vacation. So that means almost one week every month!! Life is going to change!

 Some of it will be just taking Fridays off and working in his shop but we will also take more short trips and hopefully one long one.  No excuses of too much work to do, the company has to find ways to work around it. I think this will be a nice change of pace - maybe it will let me know if I really want him to retire in a couple more years....

We already have planned, a trip to Las Vegas to see Phantom of the Opera there, trip to our niece's wedding shower, two out of state family weddings, a cat show,  a feline breeding conference, some time at our family condo and MAYBE a trip to Sicily. That should probably take care of most of it.... wow, maybe its not that much. Its getting allocated fast.

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