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Monday, January 26, 2009

Las Vegas Trip

The trip started as a birthday trip for Colleen - the idea came from her sister Christina and the push to get me to agree came from her sister Katie.... but the goal was to get Colleen to the Phantom of the Opera show in Las Vegas - making her 12th time to see Phantom - in 3 different countries, 2 languages, and including Broadway, LA, Minneapolis in the US.
Colleen and I love walking through the fantasy worlds of Las Vegas - we spent about $20 each on casinos, that's not what we go there for.... actually Colleen came home with $30, I spent mine...
Our favorite and the first one we visited was the Venetian.... which includes wonderful, if somewhat close together, replicas of famous parts of Venice.

The inside was what really impressed us the most.... the very high ceiling was painted to look like sky and it was hard to believe it wasn't real - except that it was always just before sunset (or sunrise) - sort of a continual twilight - day and night....

San Marco plaza 

We actually ate dinner in San Marco Plaza and then the next night came for gelato. It was Colleen's and my favorite place! But there's more to come - some hotels and stores that give new meaning to the word opulence....

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