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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cinque Terre day two

Breakfast at this B&B is brought to your room - beautiful tray of breads, jams, Nutella, fruit, juice, yogurt,

Have to show the bathroom door too

After we ate and I posted an earlier blog using wireless available in the lobby and on the terrace. Then we went for a walk back down "the" road - there is only one and no cars allowed most of the time, I think one day a week for a few hours they are allowed. We walked out on a walk along the sea - many more pictures coming...

There is a river flowing through the town - you can hear it like a noisy waterfall everywhere but you never see it - it flows under the road! Here you can see it leaving the town - evidently still lots if meltoff out to the sea.

Town piazza where we saw a large group of Italian students who were hiking the five towns of the Cinqe Terre park. The boys spent most of their time chanting (sounded like what is done at soccer games) or singing - we took their picture with a couple of their cameras - and ours - those are coming later.

Ate lunch here

We had pizza - wonderful one called "Andrea Doria" with anchovies, dried tomatoes and maybe onions (not sure as they were so mild) - and everything I've read about fresh anchovies being different than the salty oily canned ones is 100% right - they were wonderful. Bill had a sausage pizza which was more like American pizza but very tasty sausage. Dessert was an assortment of small cannolis.

At this pizza place we met a girl

And boy working there

Along one side of the ravine where this town is located is houses, the other side is vineyards - many of them quite small individual gardens. Because it is Easter season there is a display of the passion story on the hill.

We'll be going hiking up there in a bit. Hopefully the weather will hold out - it was sunny but clouds are returning.

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