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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Planning a trip

We used Rick Steves books as we often have in the past to help plan our trip. Another favorite of mine is Eyewitness guides - for the historical background and the wonderful pictures...
Rick Steves' Italy 2010 with map  

This time I also relied heavily on TripAdvisor.com - we'll let you know how that worked and will be reviewing each hotel and restaurant.
TripAdvisor: Website, Consumer Generated Media, Virtual Tourist, Cruise Critic, Seat Guru, TravelPod

I love planning trips and have spent hours researching, finding pictures and maps - the internet makes this SO much easier - years ago everything was photocopies of AAA books or other travel guides. Perhaps now the ability to get reviews from so many other travelers as well as their pictures online makes Rick Steves not as necessary but we still feel that you cannot go wrong with his recommendations.

I have all the plans online at Tripit.com so my kids know right where we are at all times. I will be finding wifi spots to upload at least short blog entries done on my iphone and limited pictures from the phone - but big update when we get back!

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