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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More steam!

Power went out about 5:30PM - supposedly due to the heat, Xcel Energy just wasn't ready for it evidently when all the air conditioners went on.

So Katie and I waited awhile - figuring out whether to try to make something to eat and what since we had no electricity and hated to open the refrigerator. Finally we decided to go out to eat - only to realize the garage door opener is electric and it was very dark in the garage and I wasn't quite sure how to disengage the motor anyway. So it was peanut butter sandwiches - untoasted, which really isn't as good!

So then after taking a few minutes to remember who the heck the power company is - I pay automatically online - remembered it was Xcel, texted Christina to find out the phone number and called. After probably 10 prompts to enter information I got a recording and found out 10:14PM was when the power would come on.  Actually it came on at 9, for about 30 seconds.

Took the dog for a walk and realized that nearby (a block away) Fridley had power, first time I wished I lived in friendly Fridley....

I had signed up on the phone to be notified on my cell phone if that predicted time changed but heard nothing.  So at 10:30  I called again and they said 11PM and that that update had been made at 8:30 - so much for their notifying me....

About 10:30 we gave up and went to bed - after alternately cursing the hot, humid weather and Xcel - and laughing about how funny it was that everything we thought of doing required electricity. So using my iPhone as a flashlight I went to bed. Woke up when the DOG alarm clock went off at 5:00 - still no power. Luckily it was lovely outside so we went for a walk and when I got back, power had just come on - and stayed for probably 3-4 minutes this time! Finally around 6:15 it was back on and still here after 30 minutes!

Since we are looking at 95 today, I'm hoping it stays...

So this morning, I get back online, eager to see what went on in my absence - turns out I didn't really miss too much.... :)

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