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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

balance or lack of it

Too bad I didn't manage to keep my balance better about a week ago. I fell while walking the dog and broke the top of my arm bone right by my shoulder. So its immobilized until healed with physical therapy starting next week....

Ok, so it is not life threatening BUT it is a pain in the butt, besides in the arm. It's incredible how handy it is to have two arms.... and this was my right arm (and I'm right-handed...)

So it has made me a little crabby having to ask for help with almost everything.

Maybe not quite a silver lining but I am getting better at typing one-handed. Hopefully today's appointment with the orthopedist will show it has remained in place and the healing can go on with no surgery....

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--M said...

oh thats horrible! I know how you feel; broke my arm once on Christmas day when I was a little girl :(