"Everyone knows the more you wear pearls, little by little they become real....And isn't it the same with memories?" - The Madwoman of Chaillot

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Last time I was at the lake I was hit by all the memories of 40 years of coming here- and all the little things I love here in the condo. So I snapped some iPhone pictures. Then a condo neighbor told me how glad she is her parents are keeping their condo after the death of the second grandparent and one reason for her was "because it still smells like grandpa" (his cigars probably..). Two weeks ago I visited with my 94 yr old aunt, another condo neighbor, during what would turn out to be her last time here- she's dead and buried now and wow, another wave of nostalgia and missing my parents..
So here we go - last time was a walk outside at the lake, now a walk inside

Early morning on the lake view from the porch

From a favorite breakfast spot - or lunch or anytime the lake view calls

Refrigerator magnets, some bordering on antique status

Mom's domain but now

Her stool that was always in the kitchen is retired...

The garages but 117 should be open and Dad out there working

The table - scene of many meals, puzzles, games- Hearts, Yahtzee, Apples to Apples, etc

Loons of course, what Minnesota lake place does not have these?

Dad made this and it I held it for about 5 hours on the way up here

The door to the parents' room
My dad's sense of humor- did I mention I miss him

I made this 40 years ago and it has been on the other bedroom door all this time

We used to have two bunkbeds for the kids in the other bedroom

Kathy slept on the sheepskin rug, probably using the same sleeping bag that's in the picture

Not sure if the Notre Dame toilet seat was mom humor or dad humor

Gotta love the orange, harvest gold and avocado green throughout

This says it all - have to be a little glad 3M is making Bill take all that saved up vacation

Although while you can take the man out the workplace you can't completely take the work out of the man - or should the paraphrase be - you can lead the man to vacation but you can't make him take it?

But soon it will be the weekend and most of the family will be here for almost a week (about 13 of us - so happily we now have two adjoining condos)

and out will come the model airplanes to fly, boat rides, some long walks with the dogs, bloody mary's, a few movies and video games, puzzles, time with friends and family, adding to 40+ years of memories here

-- Post From My iPhone painstakingly tapped on with only my left thumb....

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