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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Saturday - Palgongsam and family of Mrs Yu

A few tidbits and a summary so I don't forget. On the train to Daigu - a family wanted to sit together so Bill changed seats with them and they bought us a box of cookies from the snack sales on the snack sales on the train. Such nice people!

Over the holiday for lunar new year, we saw many children and a few adults traveling in traditional clothing - especially little girls in hanboks.

Mrs Yu - the school nurse with her husband Mr Kim has kind of adopted Colleen and sometimes take her to their home in Daegu for the weekend. They even included her in a trip to the grandmother's house where she was treated like a grandchild - on grandmothers' birthdays the give money to the grandchildren. Through them she met the Ha family - who call themselves her "fan club".

So we were picked up on Saturday and taken to Palgongsam a mountain near Daegu with many interesting sites - we visited the brassworking museum first. Also some interesting sculptures....

Then met the Ha family and took a cablecar ride near the top.

After the cablecar ride we ate in a traditional Korean restaurant.

Next we visited a Hanti, Catholic shrine that now houses a seminary/school. It was a settlement if Catholics who had moved there to escape persecution for their religion but eventually they were all martyred and 37 of their graves are found at this site as well as some of their old, primitive buildings.

After the trip to the mountain, we went to Mrs Yu's house. One room was described to us as "Colleen's room". We had traditional New Year rice cakes and then dinner of another New Years tradition - rice cake soup. Everything was delicious as it has been everywhere!

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