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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Busan Acquarium

Walking down the beach with our hotel in background

There is an island called Tsushima off Busan that they say is only visible about 60 days out of the year. The 466 meter peak on the island is 65 km away from Busan, further than the human eye can see due to the curvature of the earth. And it is felt that there is some kind of "mirage or disparity that is seen due to temperature change", evidently due to an inversion that causes a reflection of it to be seen.
Here is a picture displayed on a day it was visible and a picture today - sadly not one of the 60 days...

We walked down the beach to the Pusan Acquarium and spent a couple of hours there. Its really nicely done and had wonderful displays of many, many fish including a huge tank where you could walk down a tunnel inside it. Here are a few pictures.

Making an origami fish to put in the fish bowl.

We walked to a small Korean restaurant, the type Colleen calls Korean fast food. She read the menu, all in Korean and we figured it out. We had mandu soup, kimbap (rolled seaweed thing according to Bill), and bokkeumbap (fried rice).
Very good too!

On the street...

Love hotels - if you can read the signs, no need to explain...

More interesting hotels

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