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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


In search of lunch, we came to Nysa, the only larger town we had driven through on our way south. We parked near the town square and set off in search of a place to eat.

Nice food and not expensive. We were already starting to feel good about Nysa (pronounced Niss-a)

My salad

Bill's gyro - with no wrap.

Bill tried to ask the delightful young waitress why no wrap on the gyro - but as they pronounce it with a hard "g" and he had not caught onto that and said it to sound like "euro", she talked about why Poland has not yet adopted that currency... She also told us she would like to visit the US because she likes big cars with big engines - her dad is a car mechanic and loves fixing cars and has obviously passed that love for cars on to her.

While we were eating, a procession of cars drove by led by one saying "just married" with horns sounding. It seemed like only a half hour and another came by. Later while walking around we saw two more weddings at the large church. At one we saw the two musicians approach, playing music at the same time we heard recessional music from the church. They met the wedding party at the church and played.

We saw two wedding parties come out of the church during the day.....and "little old ladies" (like myself I guess) sat on benches across from the park watching....

So ,lest you think this is the only church, let me say your tour will include more, as well as a walk to the fort. It was to this town that the bishops of Wroclaw fled when chased out during the Reformation so evidently they all had to build a new church...

Nysa was founded in 1223 and was once the capital of the dukes of Wroclaw and the see of the duchy of Nysa (Niesse). The town suffered massive destruction during the World War II but has some interesting building still and has been (and still is being) been nicely restored.
The gothic church of Saints James and Agieszka with separate belfry dating from the early 16th century.

Light coming in the stained glass windows - the full size versions of these are better

Love how this picture shows how massive these buildings are - guess that's why any part of them remained after the war...

Beautiful well from 1686

Two other beautiful churches, but by no means the only others in town...

Church of The Assumption - a Jesuit baroque church built in 1688-92

And has beautiful painting inside

Town square

An old tower and gate

We then walked through this lovely park to the fort which was part of the town walls surrounding the town as well as this forested area.

Many old canals with a system to control water levels at one time....Some could still be in use

Remains of the fortress

We then went back to the same restaurant for dessert - having decided we really like Nysa and thought it was a town definitely worth visiting - a much smaller, quieter version of Wroclaw...

So we drove home and got a call from Tomasz - he and a friend met us and we went to sample a place they like for some beer (for us) and vodka (for them) and some bar food that we liked a lot and at a very good price! Just around the corner from the more expensive, more aimed at tourist spots...
Somehow the two guys missed out on getting in the pictures...

We then left them to go off to a bachelor party and we went back to the jacuzzi...

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