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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wroclaw - just the pretty pictures, I promise

Walking to our boat ride, we had some time to kill so stopped in a park where a bride and groom were having wedding photos taken. The bride was hesitant to sit on the bench in her dress so Bill ran over with a map and offered it for her to sit on... So I took a few shots also

Thanking Bill for the map

Not a wedding picture prop

Waiting by the boat now - a pigeon sat on a man's leg for some time but when I tried to get a picture another one flew up...the man never even glanced at them as he sat reading his book, "Jesus of Nazareth" ( in Polish)

Chocolate pistachio cones while we waited - yum, it was a great combination of flavors!

The boat ride - this was not narrated but gave us a good view of the town along the river Odra

One of the gnomes found all over Wroclaw old town area

After the boat we visited the University - founded by the Jesuits in 1659 when emperor Leopold gave them the former castle. The baroque lecture hall was dedicated to Leopold.

We visited the museum, pictures were seen in the previous post and then climbed to the top for some views of the city.

The stairs

Oktoberfest in the Bierhalle on the main square after our 5 1/2 hour walk plus 40 min boat ride

And a few meals....
At a small Polish restaurant

where Bill has Russian Pirogies - baked not boiled

and I had Silesian noodles with goulash and fried cabbage.

Right across the street we discovered a very old street - now all art galleries but the street used to be where all the butcher shops were and the statues of animals are in honor of that.

Next night we ate at Bernard with Bill Huey, Pavel and Tomasz from 3M Poland and another man from 3M in the US. So you get to see more food...without remembering what I'd had the night before, I ordered a Czech goulash with a steamed bread.

And Bill had turkey with walnuts

Two of the men got Pig's knuckle - which was huge and washed it down with a liter of beer!

Earlier I had probably my favorite thing that I've eaten in Poland. I do love herring, have to say and this was THE best ever!

Bill had a Camembert cheese plate with pears

And this more or less concludes my post on Wroclaw - will send while I have good wifi and add a wee bit more when I can. Off to the train this morning - 5 hr trip to Berlin, then overnight train to Paris, night near the airport and home Saturday. Happy and sad...

Location:Kazimierza Wielkiego,Wrocław,Poland

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