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Sunday, September 20, 2015

The rest of Paris

Back in Paris, we ate at La Petite Cluny 

But it seems the emphasis was on the beer since this is my only picture...

Not willing to be done seeing the city, we went for a walk down the Seine. 

Sad to leave Paris, but we checked out, stored our luggage and went for a walk.

Our hotel lobby

We went to the very famous Cafe de Flore on Blvd St Germaine for breakfast, one of the oldest and the most prestigious coffeehouses in Paris, celebrated for its famous clientele since the 1880's.

As for the big attraction at Cafe de Flore of seeing and being seen, they seated us way in back...guess we weren't an attraction.

We hauled suitcases up and down multiple flights of stairs taking the metro and getting to Gare Montparnesse. 
This is where the building called "the box the Eiffel Tower came in" is located. 
It looks totally out of place surrounded by buildings no more than 4-5 stories tall.

We had a wait for the train so did some shopping and sat and people-watched outside the station. 

Then we took our train to St Pierre des Corps - a fast TGV train that got up to almost 200 MPH. Speedy and smooth ride, it took just 59 minutes. 
We actually know the speed because some of the techno geeks were using their GPS to measure how fast we were going.
So now in St Pierre des Corps, basically a suburb of Tours. Tomorrow we will meet our Backroads tour here and start our bike adventure but first a bus ride to the old town in Tours - next episode.

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