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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

This is the day!

After hours and months of me planning this, its finally happening.

The past week Bill and I have been working on trying to slowly move towards the time zone in France. Got to the point of going to bed by 7:30-8:00PM and we got up at 3:30 AM this morning. We've sort of tried this before but never too successfully. But this time it is going well and we consistently went to bed a half hour or so earlier each night the past week - and set an alarm for earlier.  Now if I can just sleep on the plane, I'll be in not so bad shape - big "IF" though...

Packing is almost done but I'm not being as good as usual - I know I packed way more than I NEED. They allowed us a 26-28 inch suitcase on the bike tour and so I am using that size. I usually limit myself to a 21 inch carry-on so this is a lot of clothes. Probably won't even be able to wear them all. But we do need bike clothes, bike equipment, bike seat (my choice to bring mine) plus dressier clothes for some evenings and clothes for the 6 days we are not riding bikes. Plus it has been raining at least half the days lately in France so rain gear too and parapluie (umbrella - I love that word in French).

Just weighed the suitcase - 44 lbs, just 2 lbs more than Bill's so I guess I'm ok at least. And no, the cat is NOT going along...just everything else on the bed.

Plane leaves at 5:25PM so about 10 hours to go. But we are of course getting to the airport way ahead of time, as we always do.  I will update as often as I can get to it!

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