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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Where the Sun King lived part two

We took a train to Versailles with Bikeabout Tours and then got our bikes and rode to the palace. Since we expected rain we rode around the grounds first. First stop was the Petite Trianon where Marie Antionette had her own little residence.

The early indoor toilet
Marie Antoinette's village where she spent time pretending to be a milkmaid. There was a full "staff" running the farm but they didn't actually live there. Kind of her own personal Disneyland. Or maybe an early type of cosplay complete with people for props. 

The gardeners did work all night because she wanted new and different flowers to see each morning.

Obligatory group photo

There was some destruction during the revolution and also a tornado that destroyed trees but this one has been here a long time!
The palace will be next.

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