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Friday, November 28, 2008

Broadway Grill and Cabaret in Atlanta

The cat show was fun, if a bit tiring and hard on the feet standing on a hard floor all day. We didn't see a lot of Atlanta but certainly one highlight was the Broadway Grill and Cabaret. We got the front tables courtesy of Gary Narramore, husband of Siberian breeder Lillian. Gary was the singer and many talented people from the audience came up and sang also including Lillian. The dancing was wonderful to watch even if the only one we were brave enough to try was very slow...

Here are some photos from their website of Gary and one with Lillian and two others.

We had a great time - food was wonderful, wine was good and the cabaret atmosphere is worth many visits! Wish we were closer...

Here is their description below - click on the logo to go to the website.

We are still a night club, piano bar with music, we have great food and have a bigger dance floor. The baby grand piano and a key board are in the middle of the space. A variety of musicians, from jazz to rock, perform at the Cabaret. Professional singers, both male and female sing nightly for the guests. Talented guests are also welcome to sing. Music styles encourage fast and slow dancing.

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