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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Where the hell am I?

I discovered this guy and his movies a few months ago - well actually my daughter showed me his movie probably six months before. And I thought it was dumb.... she was upset with me when (having totally forgotten she showed it to me), I showed her and said how cool it is... :)

You can see this in better quality on www.wherethehellismatt.com and read about his life...

But here is someone who just up and quit his job to do something totally adventurous and fun - and amazingly got discovered, thanks to YouTube and now has a sponsor sending him around to do more movies worldwide and speak all over the country. Makes you want to at least take a week off and go SOMEWHERE!

Just heard from an old friend from Notre Dame too - he was a high level techie at HP and now has quit, moved to the San Juan Islands, took flying lessons, became an instructor and works scheduling for an air charter company. How cool is that! But then he never had to pay big (BIG) bucks for kids tuition and we did, and gladly.

BUT, some days I really want to just walk away from everything and start new somewhere really cool....

But still I was able to not have a boss since 1985 (other than my kids) and still have a business that makes some money (The Preemie Store) and now my cats (Shadowheart Siberians)who are my hobby, my love and actually do sometimes make me money too.

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