"Everyone knows the more you wear pearls, little by little they become real....And isn't it the same with memories?" - The Madwoman of Chaillot

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Its been a fun ride - two litters of kittens born 5 days apart - six in each litter! Right now there are 9 left, and constant motion and constant sounds of them running, climbing, scuffling with each other, batting toys, running into things... how can soft little 2 lb kittens make SO much noise??

But they are starting to leave now - 3 gone, 1 leaves today, 2 on Saturday. The rest a little later, with at least 2 staying with us as future breeders.

Next week I get a little break....I get to leave the cattery for a few days! That doesn't happen very often because between my home business and the cats, its hard to leave.... but my daughters will stay here and cat sit and even run the business! How lucky am I?

We are going to Nashville, TN where Bill has a trade show to attend and I get to visit a favorite friend who lives there. After a little Opryland, we'll be off to Atlanta, GA where we are going to the CFA International Cat show. There we will meet several other Siberian cat breeders and help out some that are bringing cats to show.

Looking forward to seeing Stone Mountain Christmas Village

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