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Monday, May 2, 2011

spring is coming if slowly

Spring has been so slow in coming this year - late snow melt after record snows, flooding and cold weather has slowed the comeback of the garden.  Colleen and I planted some perennials last year and most of them are coming back but so far can't see much of them... the hostas are just barely emerging from the rocks and soil, others are further along. Happily the lilacs I planted in back of the house are coming back although they suffered at the end of the summer from drying out.

Here is where we were last year on May 14th.

Its now May 2nd and this is the garden now - can't believe it will look like last year in 2 weeks but maybe. Things are starting to bud out finally. A few of the new things added this year can also been seen in the first picture.

Will update and see how it compares to last year in 10-12 days!

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