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Friday, June 21, 2013

Down East Doll Show - Day Six and Seven - Finally we get to Durham!

Just a quick little entry for our last day of driving - only about 3 hours this day.

First breakfast on the porch again... didn't really want to leave this place..

During much of this trip it was difficult to find unusual or even good places to eat - in many towns the top restaurant on Yelp was McDonalds! There were lots of chains and we wanted to avoid them the whole trip so we found a place that people said has the best hot dogs ever - highest rated on Yelp in area - outside Winston Salem in a very old part of town. Interestingly it is called Pulliams Barbeque but all reviews said "don't get the BBQ, its not good but the hot dogs are great"

Only outside seating - and its unique also

The hot dogs were unusual, not large, very red colored but yes, they were VERY tasty!

I got only ketchup on mine but Bill got the everything hot dog - with coleslaw and chili and more but I didn't get a picture of his.

 We arrived in Durham early afternoon. Here are some of our things in the room ready to move to the exhibition hall the next day.

 I was told that I'd recognize the doll show people and just to go up and talk to the ladies carrying around dolls - that worked!

Ok blog readers, you aren't going to believe this but you are not going to see our dinner - I cannot remember where we ate... or what....

So on to Thursday - we spent a couple of hours setting up our booth and then just chatting with other exhibitors and also selling a few things to them.

That night we drove to Cary, NC to have dinner with our "4th daughter", Emily McKeown at a lovely Asian fusion restaurant so I'll show you that...

Such good scallops

 wow - wonderful dessert - almond financier - no idea what the name means but the cake part was made with almond flour and was so good

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