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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Down East Doll Show Trip - Wednesday

Breakfast area of the Hampton Inn

The car has lots of empty drawers but not a lot more space

The areas we drove through in Illinois had a lot of flooded fields

But it was a beautiful day - the flat scenery here of central Illinois

More flooded fields in Wisconsin

Our room at Bowman's Oak Hill B&B

Rest of the house

Ishnala Supper Club on Mirror Lake - siblings, you should remember this

Mirror Lake

Food was very good, location and atmosphere excellent. This is their 60th anniversary - I was first here 50 years ago! And several times when driving back and forth through the Dells over the years.

It's a real contrast with the rest of the Dells attractions

Then to our B&B and hot tub.... And one more 3-4 hour drive and we'll be home after around 3000 miles of driving, 10 states (20% of the states in the US), 4 nights in 3 B&Bs, 6 nights in 3 hotels and 3 nights with friends or relatives, and a visit with Emily! Fun, a little hectic some of the time, great to meet so many people at the doll show but it will be good to get home too...

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