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Friday, June 14, 2013

Down East Doll Show trip day 1

Packing the car - I tagged and labeled hundreds of items to sell

Not much leg room - hopefully it will be better on the way back!

Minnesota just after rush hour


Lunch in Wisconsin - this place sounded so cute and good and had a five star Yelp rating - ok, it was only one review but how cute is this? But the owner decided to take off a few days and go fishing...

So we drove a little further and finally settled on The Bog in the cranberry bog area - Warrens WI

Made us feel pretty young - and liberal to hear the people talk anyway. But food was good comfort food and service was friendly and good.

Outside in the parking lot - zoom in, the motorcycle is labeled "Babe the Blue Ox"

After lunch walk up the hill behind the bog - I love this area of Wisconsin

And it's for SALE!!

Look how little our very stuffed car is compared to a van...on the other hand, we are getting 54 MPG

Bill testing some new glasses being worked on by 3M -
I think they are just making him look at the world through rose colored (3M) glasses...

Dinner in Schaumberg, Illinois at Greek Village Taverna

Flaming cheese - very good!!

And I was a superhero and had schwarma - if you know why that makes me a superhero, you are one too

A trip begins with a carafe of wine

Tomorrow - breakfast, load stuff back in the car (of course my husband insists on moving it in at night... in case the crazy baby clothes thief shows up) and off to Cincinnati and the "Drew Schueler's Hipster Graduation Celebration"

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Gramma said...

What a fun travelogue! A great way to share such adventures :) Keep it coming!

Kathy Vanderwall said...

Glad to see you're off to a great start. I'm looking forward to following your trip!

Kathy Vanderwall said...

Glad to see you're having a great start to your trip. I'm looking forward to hearing more about it along the way!