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Friday, June 21, 2013

Down East Doll Show Trip Day 4 - part 2

Beautiful West Virginia and Virginia...
Charleston, West Va

Our cabin near  Crockett, VA - bed and breakfast includes 5 secluded cabins but we were the only ones staying there the two nights we were there.
 Rustic and yet not rustic...
 Our front porch
 View from the porch of the pond - NO mosquitos but noisy bullfrogs

 Lots of cats live here - outdoor pets of the owners - there are almost no cars here and they warn you several times to be careful!

This one decided to follow us to our cabin and hung out for two days on our porch...

I cut out a lot of pictures because the weather was better the next day and we got better pictures.  But liked these from the first afternoon there.

Capturing the raindrops hitting the pond below us...

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