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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Siberian cats -or why do I do this to myself?

Today I am concentrating on kittens.... there have been a lot of issues in my breed of cats - Siberian Cats and I've thought a lot about why I will or will not continue breeding. Why not? Its a lot of work, a lot of struggling to keep the house from smelling when there are a bunch of cats and a dozen kittens, its like having a dairy farm - you can never leave - I've cancelled a trip to take care of a sick kitten.... Also some of the issues make one think of quitting - health issues in the breed although I haven't had those hit me so far, political ("catty") issues between breeders.... I've spent thousands on cats that could not be used as breeders due to health issues or less than ideal temperament. Now its harder to defend after giving those reasons but maybe a picture or two will help.

The kittens are unbearably cute! "Too cute to live" my daughter calls it. I woke up this morning to kittens running all over my bed - so much better than an alarm clock.

But the very best reason - I'm helping to provide something (a cat) to people who otherwise might not be able to have one due to allergies. These cats do not cause as many allergic reactions. I've spend hundreds of dollars testing my cats and trying to be sure I am breeding the lowest possible allergen creating cats, that are also healthy and have great personalities. It can be stressful trying to put all that together but very very rewarding when it all works out.... And did I mention my vet loves me - I'm sure I'm their best (biggest anyway) customer.... Here is a picture of our Oksana, a retired breeder living with a family with allergies who otherwise could not have a cat...

In a way I love the whole process although ask anyone in my family what I'm like when a cat is due - the 2-3 days before the birth are always stressful. Sick cats are as bad as a baby being sick - they can't tell you if it hurts, in fact they are worse because they try to hide the fact. But there are many more good days than bad....

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