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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Almost done

We decided to be lazy the last day here - my husband definitely needs to be babied when he has a cold and the energy to run and see more pretty places is just not there... So sat in the sun and read Dan Brown's latest book (one of a huge collection of books available in the "living room") - shown below

Out to door

To this ...

Can't complain. Went to the kitchen where they made me hot tea, and a plate of fruit and cookies...

Have only seen the photo below on my tiny phone screen but it's an attempt to do a panoramic shot that the phone merges together - but in the very bright light it was hard to get each picture lined up with the last one. But gives you an idea of why we might just sit here all day...
Tomorrow the local train to Naples, train to Rome Termini station and then to catch a flight early Sunday.

But first another restaurant I'm going to put in at least the top five of the trip -


I had a wonderful pasta dish with buffalo ragu and Bill had a good sausage and potatoes dinner with very good oil & vinegar dressing. Yummy chocolate mousse and chocolate and walnut cake and a very lemony limoncello.

Loved this !!

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