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Monday, April 5, 2010

We must have come to Italy for the food

We walked back to Hotel Nova Domus, about a 20 min walk from the Vatican. Mike collected his stuff and Bill walked with him to the Metro to catch his train to Florence. When he returned we ate lunch at our hotel.
First some pictures of this hotel -

Easter egg tree in the lobby

Lunch and dinner had the same menu.

For lunch I got a seafood salad -they are not creamy here but more of a flavored oil and basalmic vinegar dressing with little lettuce - I had one in Venice that was slightly better but this was good and less heavy than many meals here. They call it an appetizer.

Bill had risotto with artichoke and shrimp - much better, Kevin and Judy, than the one he ordered when we were with you.

Dessert was lovely Easter cakes.

After naptime,we went and got our complimentary cocktail and then dinner.

Bill had beefsteak and roasted vegetables

And I had lamb and roasted potatoes.

No dessert and it was still raining so we went to bed early...

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