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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rome wasn't seen in a day

Ok another day of amazing sights in Rome. It was our tours of ancient Roman sights - the Colliseum and the Roman Forum. Once again I have to say that pictures (even professional ones) cannot do justice to these sights - but here we go anyway.

Top ones are the colliseum - below just one so far of the Forum which I had pictured as some small ruins and the Forum is the size of a small village - it goes on and on... Our tour was about an hour, the guide said a full tour of the site is about 7 hours.

Excavation is ongoing in Rome all the time and each year more is discovered.

So, next we got two hours in this area of Rome for shopping and lunch. You got it, more food pictures....first the name of the restaurant, Di Rienxo

And some food - Bill had a special, a seafood pasta with clams in the shell. Kevin and Judy got lasagna, then a salad, Mike had pizza (no picture) and I got Ravioli with artichokes, and it was great!

Last night's restaurant gave us a complimentary glass of limoncella (after dinner drink) and I forgot to include that and picture in the last post.

Only the highlights of Rome were touched on in 2 days.

Concert and dinner will be in the next entry. Don't miss it - it was a fun time. And tomorrow Mass with the Pope with rain predicted.

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