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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Assisi and to Rome

"All roads lead to Rome" (because the Romans built them all) but they can be long and slow. First a traffic jam slowed us down by over an hour and that put us off schedule so everything was hurried .
Assisi from a distance far up on the hill - mostly you are seeing the Basilica of St Francis.

I fell in love with the town of Assisi. So different than any others - a smaller town with intact walls and in perfect condition. After a significant earthquake in 1997 a large amount if money became available for restoration of all buildings and it is pristine and picturesque. On my list now is to go spend a week there.
This is the Basilica of St Clare where her mummified remains can be viewed in a beautiful crypt.

Had some great sandwiches - mine was tomatoes, cheese and spinach on fantastic rustic toasted bread.
The tour pointed out a roman temple and excavation of part of the Roman amphitheater as well as many buildings from the 1100's through 1400's.
Last on the your at the opposite end of town was the Basilica of St Francis, a lovely church and we were able to visit the tomb of St Francis which was very moving and so fitting. He might not have spent the money on the beautiful church but his remains are in a simple setting that you just feel you would approve of.

The town from the upper level if the basilica as storm clouds gathered.

We are now on the way to our hotel in Rome and will be going out for a "Rome at night" tour tonight.

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