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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


After the train ride we weren't too sure just how far up the cliff our hotel was so wanted to take a bus. We walked into Sorrento from the train station to a place recommended by a guide book. Asked a policeman where to catch the bus to via capo and were told a spot, tour guides working in that area told us busses were not running on that road that day and to wait across the street, but no bus came after waiting a long time, so we asked again and were told to wait in the next piazza. Eventually a bus did come on that street! Sorrento was just packed with people on Easter Monday as it was a holiday still for Easter. It turned out the walk was not so bad and now we have been walking back and forth.

Our room hotel and terrace have wonderful views of the Bay of Naples (Mediterranean), Mt Vesuvius, Naples, Sorrento and some snow capped mountains we think are in Slovenia. The best pictures are on my other camera - coming soon.

Monday night we walked to the fishing village right below us and ate at Taverna Azzurra - where the catch of the day is advertised to be mermaid :)
Nearby Capri is the area of the song of the sirens - so lots of Mermaid references.

Really delicious avocado with shrimp and pear

Spaghetti with clams

Fruit de mare - this one was just clams and oysters

Cakes from Easter - we had a selection if these Monday night at the hotel, La Minervetta

Tuesday morning sunrise from our room

Tuesday Bill had come down with a cold so we just walked into Sorrento where we walked around, had lunch at a British pub (there are some British, Irish and German restaurants/bars here)
Below views of the hotel - La Minervetta

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