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Saturday, April 3, 2010

We'll always have Rome

Little intro..... When we were leaving Florence a few days ago, Kevin stayed behind with Mike to spend some time with him, meet his Italian mom, and take more pictures. When we were parting, I told him I would miss him and he said "we'll still have Rome" which quickly became a motto that evolved immediately into "we'll always have Rome".
Along with the wonderful sights of Rome, we added one of the best memories of Rome that night while wandering around and finding a great Mediterranean style restaurant where we could sit outside to eat.

Before we ordered we were brought fish to view from the catch of the day.

Kevin and Mike shared their first beers (not that we're pretending this was Mike's first).

First more Bruschetta with Buffalo Mozzarella

Was is delicious - see for yourself

Mike ordered the flounder - the very one we saw - it was the last of the day.

And was it good?

I chose "pink scorpion" - very good, wonderful sauce and homemade pasta. Fish is served whole and with all bones so a little hard to eat but this was worth it!

Kevin got Four Seasons Pizza and Judy got a Mozzarella Pizza, can't recall what else on it.

Bill had risotto with asparagus, which did not live up to our previous risotto.

This was such a nice change from more plain, food prepared in bulk for over 100 people on the band trip. Our band trip food was not bad but preselected fir us and nothing like this meal! Coupled with the fact that it was great to be playing hookey from the band concert and dinner that night and on our own, it was easily a very memorable time!

After the Spanish Steps (will look up the significance of these) we took the metro subway to the stop nearest our hotel and then decided not to wait for the bus and walked the 2 miles to the hotel. I figured about 8-9 hours of walking today. Lovely night with Bill, my brother and sister-in-law and nephew. We missed my niece Megan but she was needed with the band...
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