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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Castel Gondolfo

Back on the bus for the second to the last time and we took a short ride to Castel Gondolfo, a picturesque town on a high hill about 45 min from Rome. This town is also a summer residence for the Pope. It is on a large lake and has a view in the distance of the Mediterranean.

Parents liked that during set up, changing clothes and tuning that they could shop and during the outside concert we sat at cafes and had coffee.

When the Jazz band played, some of the other kids in the band started swing dancing and some darling local children were copying them. Pictures later. Also a bride and groom came by on their way to the lake area to take pictures and were talked into dancing while the jazz band played a slow song. It was just magical.
We had the best tour food that night - first bruschetta, for us the third in two days so good thing I love it. Then pasta then meat and vegetables. Very thinly sliced meat is used a lot. Below is the pasta. Other pictures were too dark.

Forgot our dessert at lunch - reputed to be one of the best gelato places and it was excellent.

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