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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

long time...

Its been a long time. I was just considering starting a blog just for our upcoming trip to visit Colleen in South Korea but have decided to just use this blog - really probably should have done that for our Italy Blog too - La Dolce Vita for 3 Weeks  but have linked it here several times.

So for posterity, or as long as blogspot doesn't delete this blog, I'll do it all here.

Plans are to leave Minneapolis on January 26th and return February 9th. Dog/cat/house sitter is being set up and plane reservations are made. VERY happily, we were able to get only slightly unreasonable fares that allowed us to use frequent flier miles to "buy" an upgrade to business class. Can't tell you how happy I am about that - I don't like 3.5 hour flights to the west coast so 17 hours was just a little more than I wanted to handle in coach.... :) Some payback for having Bill travel all the time.

I'm not as on top of things as usual - the Christmas holidays, very very busy months of November and December in my store - and less planning time than normal all have put me behind my usual trip planning. But its starting to come together - at least I've got hotel reservations in Seoul and Busan - with it being the lunar New Year, things are probably a little crazy so I decided to make those reservations.

More soon....

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