"Everyone knows the more you wear pearls, little by little they become real....And isn't it the same with memories?" - The Madwoman of Chaillot

Monday, January 24, 2011

Trip to South Korea

We fly out of here on Wednesday - first a short flight to Detroit (the wrong direction, I know) and then 14.5 hours on a direct flight to Incheon airport near Seoul South Korea. I've been so busy and behind on everything that sitting on a plane that long almost sounds good - but I know I'll be tired of it after maybe an hour or two. Have been putting movies on my iPad as well as new games so hopefully that will pass some time.

Sometimes vacations are more stressful than you want  - the stress of getting it planned, getting everything at home ready so you can go, making all those decisions and then packing.  Then coming home to everything you didn't do before you left..... so hopefully the two weeks in-between those makes it all worthwhile.

Will try to keep updated each day but if not, I'll do it when I get home...

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