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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Atherstone's Chapel House

After arriving in Atherstone, we just had a half mile or so walk to the hotel - Chapel House, billed as a five star restaurant with rooms....but it's so much more.
When checking in, they knew Bill was with 3M and we were asked if we were part of the party from 3M who had dinner reservations. As far as we knew, we were not but we decided that since we wanted to try the restaurant one night, we may as well eat there the first night.

The hotel and room are beautiful

So off for a quick stroll around the marketplace and a little of the town.

And stopped for a pint of beer before dinner at the Market Tavern

Bill had a locally made beer and I had a Guinness.

We then got into a conversation with David, currently a local who seems to have had a very colorful past. He mentioned living in Paris a couple of times in his life, one time in the late 60's he said he lived "under a bridge" in Monmartre. But also he mentioned working in the foreign service. He had lost three fingers on one hand in an industrial accident. He told us stories about Atherstone and started me thinking more about the unique features here.

And look at the bobbies in the background...

So we dressed for dinner since this was a nice restaurant even though we were told we didn't have to - but I brought a new dress I had not gotten to wear and I wanted a chance...and ended up glad we did.

We walked in to the restaurant area and were led to the lounge for any pre-dinner wine or drinks. And there Bill ran into the 3M people - they were actually St Paul people - one, Peter, visiting the plant and the other Chuck and his wife, Cindy, who are currently on temporary assignment there. We sat and talked to them and ended up sitting together for dinner also with Peter insisting on picking up the tab, which was very generous!

You just knew you were in a good place when the special of the day is not decided until the chef returns from his daily trip to the market, and they do the pairing of wine to fit our meals, and just so many things. They are often quite full but this week had only Peter, us and two women staying here and we had the beautiful small (8 tables) restaurant to ourselves.

It was hard to decide and I still wonder if I should have gotten the special - octopus. But I chose local Grendon lamb and loved it.

Oh, and do i need to mention that I'll just go on a diet again when i get home?

Bill had Sea Bass Veronica - it was turbot on the menu but the market was out - love it that it was fresh...

Wine was a wonderful bottle that had been set aside for .... who visits here twice a year and always stays at Chapel House. And the dessert
Apple torte for me

And of course Chocolate Duo for Bill - dark chocolate filled with chocolate mousse.

Somehow we got talked into espresso and truffles... And then I suppose to counteract the espresso, a glass of whiskey....these 3M managers know how to live.....

And then to bed....so I can be ready to explore the town tomorrow.

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Location:Friar's Gate,Atherstone,United Kingdom

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