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Monday, September 26, 2011

Eating Dutch

Since I didn't follow my usual chronological approach in some of Delft, here all together are some meals - which despite our promises to ourselves to not eat so well were all pretty full meals...

At lunch coffee usually came with a cookie

And fries came with mayonnaise

Eating in the square by the Thursday Market where they sold everyone from meat, cheese and produce to clothes to freshly baked Dutch waffles

The second night in Royal Eten en Drinken

Chicken with honey and walnuts - just delicious and so tender, maybe our favorite in Delft (Bill ate one of my pieces)

Bill's salmon

Dutch apple pie

Some people we met who were den Haag for a judges meeting....not sure what it was but surprisingly to Bill, it was the two women who are judges

A little more charm, the bill came in a little chest....

A couple more lunch shots

Just for Christina, I had a smoothie

And our last night in Beestenmarkt with Chuck (from Bill's meeting) having beers and finally had dinner there too -also ran into Chris and Jane.

Obviously we had been sitting here a couple hours as it was now dark...

A little more, I visited a botanical garden which was not large but had some interesting items including a dawn redwood

And an usual birch tree

Ok, I'm a Minnesotan, I like birch trees...

There was a lot more including an autumn flowering crocus

And an usual sculpture

And that's the highlights for you...

Second two nights at hotel de Emauspoort we stayed in a gypsy caravan in the terrace area of our hotel.

Small and cozy but it had everything we needed...

I have more but guess you'd have to show up for a slide show of it all...

Oh, ok, two more in case I left these out of the earlier picturesque pictures

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