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Monday, September 26, 2011

Hilden - all work and no play

So after over 24 hours we had to say goodbye to the Eifel and our wonderful hosts there... And onto another train adventure.

We started with the train back to Koln, and the Deutsche Bahn site gave us the route of train to Haan and then walk three minutes (with a 7 minute connection) to a bus to somewhere....not that clear so we were little nervous. Then after checking the db site, saw that our train was running a little late so in searching around we found we could get off one stop sooner and catch a train to our stationing Hilden - arrived a little earlier and our hotel was right across the street.

Monopol hotel - not much to write home a out, small, inexpensive and convenient. The owner/manager spoke no English but was so nice and accommodating! She allowed me to stay in the room until just about when Bill gets back from work and that has allowed me to catch up!

3M Hilden - walked here with Bill - about a mile from the hotel

So that night we realized there were not so many choices for a meal so we went to the nearby Mediterran Restaurant (did not misspell that, it's the German name...)
Turned out to look much nicer on the inside - and very good food - so still eating a lot...

Bill's halibut

My scampi

Very authentically they brought free liquor after the meal
Bill had something peach I think and I had Grappa

So next morning we walked to 3M and I walked back hoping to wLk off a few calories in two miles...

Tonight we have a S-Bahn ride to Dusseldorf Hauptbahnhof where we will stay overnight in a hotel at the railroad station as we are on a 5:45 AM train to Brussels and then through the Chunnel to England.

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