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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Jacques and Helene

Our B&B hosts, Jacques Hiver and Helene Hervet, were just wonderful. Jacques speaks English very well and it was easy to learn about how to get around Paris and we ended up talking a lot about their lives also. Helene was a travel agent and travel writer and ran many tours but is now retired from that, so a wall of our apartment in their house was covered with travel books. She is also a very accomplished photographer and they together produced a gorgeous book called Le Paris Discret which is visible in the picture of our breakfast table - the large book with picture of the head of a statue. (more on breakfast coming) Jacques also wrote the book next to that, a novel, and produced several CDs (shown above the books) of spoken prose that he wrote and was read by a man well known for his wonderful voice. They are set to music created by using unusual instruments such as percussion created by using bones on a metal can for drums and the town of a truck horn - we got a CD from him. This all was after retiring from a long time job as a screenwriter for French TV! We learned all this because I asked if he was a writer when he was telling us about a group he belongs to.... And learned more on his website, that he also has been an actor, director, playwright....

Breakfast was a lovely typical French breakfast with bread I loved as much as I love German brotchen for breakfast, yogurt I think was home made or at least very good or a homemade custard, fruit, jams, cheese and great coffee.

Jacques and Helene, our gracious hosts, thank you so much!

Here is the little terrace off our apartment where I wrote some of my blog...

The stairway up to the house

Door to Jacque and Helene's

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Location:Rue Blanche, 9th Arrondissement

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