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Friday, September 16, 2011

Airplane people

So far it's a trip of people stories...across from me is a guy who just couldn't remember that he doesn't have to shout just because his ears are covered with headphones. Then as everyone else got to sleep, he decided to watch The Bridesmaids - which he found very funny. After his first loud outburst of laughter, his companion reminded him not to be so loud but to no avail. In fact he felt obligated to explain ( loudly of course) what was so funny - "look at how they are having sex". He burst out laughing every few minutes for two hours...He had one more endearing trait - standing in the aisle with his butt towards my face and scratching it... So when I got up to walk around a little, he gets up too and says, "so are you one of those people who can't sleep on airplanes too?" I felt like saying, "just because my seat is near yours"

Sitting next to Bill is a retired man on a trip his two sons gave him as a retirement gift - the three if them are going to Scotland for seven days to play golf together. Just a delightful man to share our set of three seats with.

Behind me a German man who sat and talked loudly with the young, pretty French girl next to him with a look of total delight on his face. Finally he asked her, "how old do you think I am" she declined to guess but he pressed her so she said "50" and he triumphantly announced that he is 64. But in very good shape...

Oh, and as we were descending into Paris, the guy who laughed so loud yelled out, "look everyone, there's the Eifel Tower!"
But we landed safely and as one of the signs in the picture says, all trains go to Paris. And we are off to our apartment in the 9th arrondissement

Location:Two hours from Paris, over the Atlantic

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