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Thursday, September 15, 2011

In the air part one

Just as we were going to board in Minneapolis, they called Bill's name and upgraded him to 1st class for the flight to Boston. Graciously, he gave me his seat in the front and took mine in economy class. He had explained he was going to do this to the airline agent who came over when we boarded and must have repeated 5-6 times that Bill was "a keeper" and that I wouldn't believe how many men do not do that and instead leave their wives in back with the kids, luggage,etc... I told her I'd kept him 38 yrs now....anniversary is next week. But wonder what he would have done when we had three small kids traveling with us - although I expect what he would have done is turn down the upgrade so we could deal with things together.

So up in 1st class, my companion in the seat beside me was going out to help deal with disaster recovery in Vermont after the flooding - he works for the Salvation Army as some kind of manager of the Minneapolis region. We'll just call him SA guy. He was very talkative and was showing me that he had brought a movie on DVD to watch and then somewhat proudly said "I brought a laptop with me". I was almost embarrassed to bring out my iPad.... which he noticed and called " one of those iPad things"

So it was SA guy's first time in first class so he amenities of awed although I've seen better amenities in 1st class. We did get a meal though and when we were asked which meal we wanted, I waited to say and he picked the salad. I was disappointed to hear it was the last one so he insisted that he would "be a gentleman" and gave me the salad. So two for two with the gentlemanly behavior today.

Turns out SA guy had bought his ticket last minute (when they decided to send him suddenly) on Priceline and had a receipt saying his ticket was $1100 but ended up at checkout he actually paid about $1500 for the ticket to Boston and then to Vermont (whereas my ticket to Paris was $1100). Maybe should say we who donate to Salvation Army paid it. He had been assigned a seat in row 17 - but at check-in at the airport he was informed the seat had changed to row 4, in first class, guess that's why he was charged $400 more.

Here he is... In his SA uniform and hat - a very nice gentleman.

So, progress but I'm bored so you get lots to read. Now waiting at Boston airport for flight to Paris....

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