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Friday, September 30, 2011

The food does not get better than Chapel House

On my way back from my walk I was hungry and thought about just stopping for a sandwich but in the end decided to just go "home" and have Richard make me lunch...and what a good decision. I could sit with the view of the garden, with a glass of wine and a wonderful salmon and salad plate...

This was as yummy as it looks...
Talked with Siobhan for awhile and felt so well taken care of...without a care I. The world, so removed was I from any problems of life...

Siobhan and Richard, wonderful hosts.

Then just took some knitting that I had bought in a local store and my ipad book and sat in the garden for a couple of hours until Bill arrived home from work.

Siobhan brought me tea....

Think it couldn't get better?

So after Bill arrived from a hard day's work at 3M, we went out for a walk, and sW our acquaintance from the night before so we stopped to talk. He told us some history of the nearby buildings and offered to show us his house in one of the very old buildings just behind the square. I did not have my camera unfortunately because his house was very interesting on the outside and probably gives new meaning to the word "eclectic" on the inside. It was quite small and had once been a bakery. An old stone oven was still there. He had a tiny kitchen and two small rooms just filled with things. Upstairs was a bedroom and a second room he called dressing room plus a tiny bathroom with what he calls a "hobbit door"' about 3 feet high. This area had probably been storage originally before the building had a bathroom.

So we went out to a wine bar on the square and shared a bottle of wine and talked.

These are some older buildings like the ones around David's house.

-We just couldn't resist eating at chapel house again. It is the best food we've had and not so expensive as to be prohibitive especially when our meal the night before had been paid for.

But instead of the regular menu, we decided to order from their lighter, and less expensive resident's menu. Bill had Pasta Wellington with a wonderful sauce.

I had scallops and risotto - two of my favorites

These were smaller but just perfect for leaving room for dessert. Bill got a banana and caramel and chocolate delight - he can't resist chocolate.

I told David to make up whatever he wanted for me so I got something not on the menu.Pears, ice cream and a wonderful sauce.

Afterwards we met Peter for a drink and went up to pack up again.

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